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I'm on board with losing rating for AFKing. Personally I would suggest that penalties get increasingly worse for serial AFKers to the point of being suspended from arena after X AFKs in a certain time period. Ideally this would also trigger an investigation of the toon activity and ownership by Glitch.

I appreciate that people are legit taken away from their computer occasionally. Happens to everyone. The odd AFK isn't the issue.

If you're AFK over and over again though, you're deliberately queuing knowing that you won't be there to fight. 1v1 AFK, you just lose, only hurting yourself. 3v3 anon AFK, you're not helping your team win, you're helping them lose.

As far as I'm concerned, if you're not doing everything you can to help your team win, you're throwing.

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You won't be warned again.
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