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Originally Posted by Freakymagic View Post
Remember when you only had 10% arena bonus while in que? Now you can get more. Yes last season had op bonus but it was too much bonus too easily gotten.
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Well said.
Give back the old system, i prefer 10% while in queue.
Arena is attractive for 2 reasons only:
1) tokens, allows one to uptier / improve each season and apply tempers after rush
2) arena bonus
3) top position ? (not so much, best example was DL team which sacrificed their top spot for more arena bonus during the last day of the rush by queuing with 2 toons being afk)

In this format, it's impossible to play multiple characters, a thing you advertise.
This season is for people who play at most 2-3 characters.
Don't advertise multiboxing, don't encourage people to build alts and consume TCs in the process, if you do that, you must enable fun for them too!!!
My play style / availability doesn't allow me to take care of so many toons in arena nor to maintain arena bonus as you recommend 1/4 of matches required for 20% to achieve 10%, unless throwing matches like your example does: Philog made a 20%, are you sure he made it by himself, being present in front of his PC or phone all the time ? I remember his 3 vs 3 premade team, he was active from time to time, but most of the time he trowed matches.
Are you sure you want to set as example an arena thrower (22 Warrior Philog 36% 134/240) ?
Posting on a closed thread is so "admin" like, for sure no one will reply to it.

It's impossible to argue with you and with your lovers, from my point of view, dual queue would have been the best solution, you didn't even care to reply to that.
Let's see how you will manage retention in this game on the long run.
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