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Full support of any kind of a gold cap raise or we have to dance on thin ice to buy the 5th gem pouch (should I ever get to buying it) or risk losing gold for this silly cap-ness.

Note: I don't really have a stake in this, yet, as the most gold I've ever had at once has been <15m.

2 Things really quick, then i'll step off this thread:

1) Unsigned ints have a range up to 2 bil, but I haven't the gall to ask for such as a limit...yet.
2) Since gold irl has a weight, perhaps a skill that raises the gold cap based on the weight you can carry (possibly with strength playing into that just a smidge), as everything else currently does. This could take the form of a legendary skill that raises from the current gold cap by a percentage given your max carrying weight, or you could assign each gold piece a weight and aggregate it to something that makes sense (50m cap being around lvl 100 decumberance/weight of wisdom/endure, for example) so it's unlikely anyone will be negatively affected by the change.

Something to chew on during this bump.
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