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Originally Posted by Soxson View Post
Btw, it's possible to delete all violating messages and show a 'cleaner' version of the chat. If we asked for the messages from his messenger account, we might still see another story. Plus this doesn't show any comments you've made on his pictures and posts and such.
plz tell me you are joking this is not serious ?

but in case you are serious i feel bad for you man... and please show video of that convo me bullying him or his mom honestly i do not care about the gears like i have said last x6 times i just wanted spam to stop and i thought redeye was doing that...

and this was all the chat that happened between us and honestly where would you fit in bullying before i gave him advice to learn adobe or any other useful skill to make his life better or after that ? this guy is lying and that has pissed me off to the level i have never been pissed off before

good or bad whatever i am i am .....not going to change and not going to pretend <3 and i will never be intimidated by anyone ever !!!

be careful of those alpha nerds !!!

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