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....reminding me how pathetic you guys are and why i left this community most of you are rotten peice of **** ..... u suck at everything in life ..... u fkn consipiracy ****s wont belive anything other than what comes to your degenrate brains ...... do you think i have time to bully a nobody i am talking to you wasting my time which is worth money right now again ..... i am a fkn lawyer and youtuber more succesfull in my life than u can imagine .....why are you soo dumb... something better with ur life
You are one angry person. You try to talk like you are better than others, but your attitude shows that you are not the type of person that anyone should look up to or want to be like. My simple 2 cents is that you do what you said you are going to do, and NEVER return to Nod, for this community is much better off without you.
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