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I also support what sox has,

After speaking with norman it seems trojan been doing a bit of cyberbullying on facebook, and norman has got back at him by helping him self to some stuff,

I tried to find on discord... I couldn't find you


No point now you know my fb
I am a nice kid... I sat for blaze he was cool and no problems same for sox and dtm and cohen. Never a problem. But Trojan talked **** about my appearance when he saw my fb. proceeded to call me a girl, then decided he wanted to try and bring my mother into this all from my pictures on fb... there was no reason for that. Then he said I got a 20% deal.... I delt with his bull**** and judgment to the point I felt like **** about my appearance and still do. He was a dick. So I did what I did. I had no problems with anyone else

Yeah but that isnt the right move shouldve just left his toons alone and done, now you have been locked out from all toons i know u have access to. kicked from merc and awaiting a ban imho.


in my honest opinion

Oh, I understand
Honestly in the end it's a game, so it's not much, but what he said to me and coming at me like that hurt and pissed me off, I wanted to get back and I'm sorry
If I don't get banned I'll give my toon to a friend, he doesn't speak English though pure Spanish he can understand some English but not everything, I'll tell him if he ends up liking the game to pay debt to dtm and if he doesn't I'll give dtm the toon

your toon will probs be banned any how, and i cant advise you what to do. why would u trade the items from batman to kittie to n
Norman? how does that make sense

I wasn't on batman when it happened

so who was? and how did u end up with the items

Soultheif or soulthief I don't remember how he spelled his name, apparently he was someone who sat for Trojan aswell and we talked about the stuff he said to me and all and he was the one who gave me the idea to do something back so i ended up giving him pass and he asked if I wanted the lg's before he rerolled batman and I said yeah and the rest happened after he told me how to do it

down to glitch to deal with id suggest u talk to dtm about debt
other than that im dones.

Thats a convo between me and norman on facebook. it seems trojan bit off more than he can chew and upset the wrong person ofc scamming is bad but trojan bulling an teenager is just as bad if not worse, it seems that norman took it in to his hands and in the wrong way dealt with trojan in his own way.

Just my thoughts, norman has been removed from Merc, and we would advise other clans to be wary.

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