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Originally Posted by Skarner View Post
oh damn... I thought a little bit of STR would be needed to do full damage with piercers. Time to reset stats...

I mean what good is a dagger if there is no strength behind it? It won't pierce anything.

If a baby got a dagger he ain't killing nobody no matter how much dex he magically somehow has.
You do realize that you just jinxed yourself? Now you will die from being stabbed in the eye by a toddler Oo
Can i get some data on hard/soft stat caps in general and how they affect archers specifically? Since im pretty sure there is a soft cap on cnc starting at 600, how does it affect the combined calculations?
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Some people like to be able to do things to corpses even if it wastes mana as an integral part of their role-playing experience.
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