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Min damage armor set suggestion:

Vindemiatrix Diadem +4% of performing multiattacks +4% to avoid blocks or +4% to all blue ge effects
Vindemiatrix Chestpiece +18% min damage
Vindemiatrix Sleeves + 5% min damage +5% to avoid parries
Vindemiatrix Leggings +9% min damage and infused with high melee stats

VINDEMIATRIX is a star from Virgo constellation. Its a star of spirituality and sacrifice. There is another atar called Diadem just one degree away from the first one. Virgo is the sign that usually specialises at small details.

We have Regulus so why not add up another star haha. But i think multiattack helm could work out well for the set.

OR also could mix in some chance of gems cast other than DDs being unresistable to the armor pieces to make it more hybrid oriented.

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