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My official return to Nodiatis
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Default My official return to Nodiatis

A little over a year ago, my laptop died so Norman (the guy running the Demon army) began sitting for me. I eventually bought a fancy new gaming computer but not wanting to yank my toon away from nubnorm yet, I instead played a lot of other games. Now I'm back to nod for good and have changed my password so effective immediately, anytime you see me ingame, it's the real sox, not his old sitter.

Despite lurking forums and my nodiatis facebook group chat ever since laptop died, I am still far behind in terms of current events. Toons have switched hands enough that I'm making a spreadsheet so I know who is who. So if you're sitting or have taken over an account, lmk so I can put you in my spreadsheet and not get you mixed up for anyone else.
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