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Unity hammer vs Fleshies
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Default Unity hammer vs Fleshies

Does the unity hammer countering all HP regen to yourself counter Fleshies dps boost vs Regen % such as timmies 75% procs?

The proc it is quite oblique, Let's say I use the hammer with timmies, regen rune, euphoric, since it counters all of my hp regen, would that, in turn, make my actual hp regen % bonus 0? It should, since it says it stops it, and fleshies proc says they deal bonus damage verses regen capabilities since I in effect have none, will their bonus dps be stopped? I know their dps vs miti % will stay, but that is virtually nothing in comparison. If glitch or community could clarify this I would appreciate it.

Just curious, I will buy one if this is the case, but I'm not spending gold to test it to find out since if it doesn't it will be a waste on my end and virtually no one will buy it.
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