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Glitch, read through the posts, see there are 'opportunities' and differing thoughts on this that seem to fall into three categories:

1) Legit players going on benders playing long grinds
2) Sharers that look an 'awful lot' like bots, but could just as easily be a group of people playing a group of toons
3) Teams dodging in Arena

I've played this game since release, you and I have had our occasional "need to hug it out afterwards", and I've read a good chunk of the suggestions, comments, gripes, and thoughts over the years. If I might make the following suggestions:

1) Add a third timer bar, World Time, either hidden with a menu, or an actual bar, with weekly "endurance". Your 7 days x 12 hours for 84 total hours is pretty reasonable, as long as it's based on activity. I can think of any number of people, self included that leave this window open, so just going by that means someone could nearly be out of time just leaving the toon on autolog and the window open over a long weekend. But burn time for ANY activity, including actively logged in arena, ESPECIALLY arena I think.

Have it reset say Server Rest on Friday morning.

2) You know, I can think of college players that run 'teams' on things like this to seriously grind out a toon. Amazing what 4 or 8 or 12 players can do, logged from a single IP that never changes. So accommodate them. Create a World TC that adds 12 hours of actual play time, not RT or RRT. Make them account bound, untradeable, and cash only. If I want to have a group of my friends come over, or simply grind Sisix for the next week straight, 24x7, then I should have that option. I should also PAY for that option. This might be a "Free to Play" game, but that's an awful lot like a Premium feature in my mind.

3) Set a minimum time for Arena queueing. Simply, once you queue for Arena, you stay queued for that amount of time. Call it 30 mins. (If you can't get three people to log for 30 mins at the same time, then you have no business being on a serious Arena team nor complaining about what happens in Arena. And if it's just 2 people, you REALLY have no excuses.) Or 45 mins. Or heck, you could even...

30 mins --Default Queue
45 mins --One Token Bonus Win
60 mins --One Token Bonus for loss (not doubled for Virtues), Two for Win, scales to Five based on Rating
180 mins -Two Token Bonus for loss (not doubled for Virtues), Three for Win, scales to Ten based on Rating

Simply, once you log into queue for your selected time frame, your team stays in (logged or not. Only a server reset clears. Limit queue logging near reset as needed). You enter fight, exit, and are auto logged back in. Obviously 3 hours in the Queue gives a nice boost, but makes dodging pretty much impossible.

People might seriously whine about their teammates logging out, getting disconnected, leaving the computer, but that's their problem, not yours or anyone else's. You want the benefits of Arena, you should be willing to at least put forth the minimum. Obviously, this queue time counts towards your "World Time", as mentioned in #1.

Anyway, my thoughts on this.

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