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Glitch the funniest thing is that u changed the rules since this thread was created... you opened the door fully for people to toon share, and now your having second thoughts? toon sharing has been a major issue for over 5+ years but only now after an endless amount of people are complaining has happened you wanna reduce it.

So lemme get this straight to combat toon sharing before you limited how many matches we could do in arena. you then said ah to hell with it and changed tou in favour of toon sharers.
you then banned a couple of people because fighting own team or having same people logging toons in arena, then when somebody deliberately tried to break the rules to attempt to get people banned, you ignored this completely and then changed the format to where people lose 25 rating. point is its out of control limited toons to 12 hours a day would only effect a 24/7 farmed toon, which is the same as botting in my eyes so maybe should be banning them not limiting how much "botting" they can get away with...

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