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I have supported multiple small crafting buffs in the past, such as repeat processing to produce <SB> resources for crafting. Not exploitable, but a benefit to crafters. I personally don't even loot resources under T20 anymore as they're not worth the processing to me. I know lots of other caps feel the same. That leaves room for low and mid level toons to make a market from such resources. The downtier patch worked great for me but mostly killed off the very-low-level crafting market.

My main concern is that Nod in general has always been a game where dedication and hard work are required to achieve things. So yes, it irks me sometimes when suggestions appear that (to me) want to achieve something without the work, want the glory without the grind.

My toons are 8 1/2 years old and I have over 112 billion exp, so I know all about the grind. I got enchanting to 100 back when everything went in the rod click by click. I walked all over the map and bought every mid-tier silk in the game for weeks. It was hard. I knew it would be when I started. But when I was done, I was one of very few players who could make max stones. I worked for it and I achieved it.

The OP set out to make 50 potions, which is a considerable amount of crafting. It should not come a surprise that it took a considerable amount of time.

Crafting now has processing memory and recipe loader, which are already massive timesavers. The downtier patch makes the T1 requirements of any recipe a non-issue. Crafting is already light-years ahead of where it was a few years ago.

I merely question the need for another change in my usual, obnoxious manner.

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