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Originally Posted by Jarrhal View Post
ok so im a tad confused, for armor essence you have to have "extreme" clothworking and use a cloth and dust... ok makes sense

but for shield essence you need scale and woodworking....
scale =/= woodworking

was this a typo? perhaps glitch meant planks instead of scales? I hope so because if not...

seems a bit like we are rewarding clothmakers as the only thing they need for raising skill is silks/thread, thus making armor essences relatively inexpensive,

however for shield essences, you have to have high level fishing AND high level woodworking (this is of course if he truly meant scales+woodworking)

In my eyes the entire purpose of this is to give crafters a way to make money. In all actuality, there are 6 pieces of armor.. and only 1 shield.. so please tell me how a clothworker is going to get screwed here? Not to mention all classes need the armor, yet few need the shields..
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