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Originally Posted by Mishba View Post
First things first. Let me make the basis for this post clear. I hate wasting time, as I am pushing 60 and not in the greatest of health, time is my most valuable commodity. I just completed a set of t9 armor and realized a few things.

1) The price of the armor is set in stone. Strigiformes sells in Faar at xxx gold. End of story.
2) The amount of armor pieces need to get to any given tier is set in stone, ie. T5 takes 16 pieces, T9 takes 256 pieces. End of story.
3) The amount you can do at one time is limited by the gold you have on hand and on other toons that you control in some fashion.
4) Even if you have the resources (gold) to go from T1 to T9 in one setting the process is insanely long. After all you are buying this armor and have already acquired the gold somehow, why should it be such a time consuming process.

Suggestion 1 (by far easiest to implement and no real reason not to do)

Mishba, Wallet Warrior and Proud !!!

PS - Most likely I will never take another set of armor past t5 so this helps others more than it'll help me. But Tree would look good in a new shiny set.....
I'm just going to point out really quick that if you've got the cash to drop $10 grand on this game at one shot (give or take a bit), you've got the $40 or so to pay someone for the couple hours or so it'd actually take to do what you described, assuming you could actually control enough toons (117) to put together that much gold (5.8B) in one shot.

Personally, in your shoes, I'd just offer the dev that cash as a payment directly, bypass the TC market completely, and call it all good. I mean, this is a MMORPG, and as a general rule, that implies a grind of some kind. If your expectation is just pay to win, even as a wallet warrior, then there alternatives around besides asking the dev for a change that would basically benefit yourself.

Speaking as a fellow wallet warrior that's put in the time.

(Seriously, if I was going to drop the cash you've dropped, I'd just go right to the dev and make an 'arrangement' for the gear you need so you don't drop the TC market or corner a particular mat for a weapon(s)/pet(s)/gems(s).)

What was, was, and what will be, has yet to happen....

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