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Honestly. Arena as it currently is is a bore fest.

As multiple people have said here they have no real incentive to arena. Majority of top teams can farm the end result in a few days. They arena because they find enjoyment in arena. Teams who dont make as much gold dont enjoy being beaten over the head repeatedly by the top teams. If they are in que with the limited teams in que they fight the same team over and over and over till they get fed up and leave que. Who could blame em. They dont enjoy being beaten by the same team over and over. Neither does the other team enjoy sitting in que for hour + wait times to get a 20 second match.

Honestly I dont know what can be done to fix this. Cant increase bonus. People make too much gold as is. If you increase the high rewards people complain the rich get richer. If you dont increase the top rewards and only the lower rewards the top pvpers just que for bonus and get more for no work. Increase all the rewards and i doubt its changed to incentives people to dish out hundreds of millions of gold and hours upon hours sitting in que. Tournament helps determine strongest teams at the end of arena. It does not help the ghost town and bore of sitting in que for months. Shorter arena wont change anything either. Just rewards handed out more often.

As is you have more incentive to me a mediocre team (currently top teams are 3-3.1kish rating) around 2-2.5kish rating. Larger range of teams to fight, faster fights, more bonus, more tokens.

Honestly the only way i can see it changing is a new game mechanic. Some new reward for arena to go along with whatever new mechanic is.

For example for something like siegecraft maybe you get a bonus/extra's/etc depending on your arena finish.

Maybe you get a token from arena that when farming with arena group gives a big bonus to gold/resource/trophies if farmed in some new mode (call it mythic mode for example) and mobs are ultra hard and can only be fought with said token from arena. Depending on placement depends on bonus vs strength of said mythic mode?

Just a few ideas but something needs to change otherwise arena will just continue its slow decline.

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