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Well, as people who've known me will attest to, I'm probably one of the most carebear people you'll ever meet.

I rarely, if ever, PvP in MMOs I play. With that being said though, I think this is a vital patch for all those who want to go the route of PK. Seeing a level 80 PKK gank a level 10 PK is kinda sad really. (Although it could be argued that you shouldn't be PKing at 10, sillies! )

My motto is: People should be able to play the way they want (within reason and within the game rules of course), so if people want to PK, they should be able to. I'll probably never go PK, but I respect everyone's playstyle.

Ok, that's enough from me for now.

as for the "new" "younger" players, if you go PK @ lvl 5 YOU PHAIL, and as such deserve to be smeared all over the face of Nod forcing you to quit and save the rest of us the stupidity that a lvl 5 PK entails
Well said Misguided (albeit with less tact than what I would've said it; in fact you ninja'ed me. I mention the low level PKing silliness in this very post! )

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