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Originally Posted by Blaze View Post
anyone interested in trying to identify them? and locations found?

t1 ant (south dread)
t2 jumping spider
t3 hermit crab
t4 ?
t5 rhinoceros beetle?
t6 praying mantis (canyon edge)
t7 sheild bug/stink bug roach?
t8 caterpillar
t10 click beetle ?
t11 Devil's coach horse beetle (fungi forest)
t12 stinkbug (fungi forest)
t13 silverfish (fungi forest)
t14 earwig
t15 rat
t16 ?
t17 ?
t18 ?
t19 mosquito ?
t20 ladybug (dmv)
t21 butterfly
t22 snail
t23 water scoropion ?
t24 ?
t25 ?
t26 ?
t27 ?
t28 ?
My take on a few.

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