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like you guys did?

indeed. I merely threatened. unlike you guys who actually did.

and for anyone who wishes to ignore me. I got 4 toons I use and have used for the last 8 months. blaze. alastrina. ipoophard. nomicon. if you want an optional 5th ignore mininom. I don't chat from 1000000 toons like you guys try to make it sound.

like raidens said. you leave me alone I leave you alone. if just having a name on an account is proof enough to lynch someone. then you won't mind if I treat you the same as you treat me, right?

as for using red not hk. like I said in chat. I don't remember hk's name so I used red's for an example. but i'll be srs from here on. unless glitch requests me not to, I will do it to anyone who I see.

and I know a chunk of your names~

and if it isn't definitive proof. go ahead and laugh at yourselves for admitting you're just bandwagon haters =p

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