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hit chance has a cap. resist rate has a cap. if you invest 1500 points in cnc just to land drains. more power to ya. you're taking stats from somewhere. can be op like nore! cnc has worked the same way for however many years. why hasn't anyone gone 1500 cnc yet if it is so unrivaled?

resist arguments can be made against drains all day long. but if resist operates the same as dots and dds. making it harder for them to land would be stupid. they already get resisted so much pve (which is part of why double casting is godly). changing mechanics themselves would make this even worse.

and should it be possible for a tank to cancel out 75% of their dps just cuz they stack cnt then? get 1k agi and you aren't cancelling out 75% of melee/bm dps. and this is before miti/ac blocks and such is applied. this is just resisting.

this thread is just a bunch of whining. that being said. glitch needs to stop giving absolute counters like drainproof staff >_> a few lgs with effects like bear hide that mitigate drains severely would be nice though. high enough to make them worth getting but low enough to not make drains rendered useless entirely singlehandedly.

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