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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Whoever can dig up their most ancient thread wherein they report this will get 10 TCs, provided it was before
This is most likely the first one Glitch. I'd be really surprised if there was an active player that's brought this up prior to this. I've brought it up many many many times in /c and /u over the years and may have even asked you about it directly once when farming east of Andol became possible.

With the number of toons with Accel and DA that can farm beyond the Pit, never mind the number of toons with boon, AND the Inv/Storage expanders, we really need a bulk transport option beyond the small little bumps the two epic skills provide.

Gates and recalls are cheap when you can farm 1-2M or more an hour and TCs are going for 2M each. Making someone have to run multiple trips back to town after a single kill is no longer a grind, it's just an annoyance. Why farm anywhere higher than Redwood outside of Fa'ar if you're just going to be spending all your time gating and moving things between Inv/Storage?

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