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Ah, yes, good call. The way it works should be unified with the way fleshies works. Clarification to how that works for both:

Things that Affect it:
Gravebound/Reaper auras (odd healing debuffs that also hit regen)
Listless type auras (those that directly target regen)
Focused Defense/Hammer of Unity type auras (these work the same as listless)
Sacri type gems (regen gems)
Regener class bonuses

Things that don't:
Reg stat
Common Regen skills

Making the change now. When under the effect of enough anti regen to put you to a normal person's regen levels, you'll start being a viable target again for the drainproof effect of Stave of Shielding which has the qualifier that you must not be high regen.
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