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Arena is hardcore PvP. Queuing for the last two weeks of a twenty week season is not hardcore and should receive equally non-hardcore rewards.

Rush teams have been deliberately forming to **** over other teams at short notice for years, so I have zero sympathy for them being ****ed over at short notice.

if you were as hardcore as you say you are you could kill the rush teams that **** you over.
your idea of hardcore is brainlessly grinding away all season match after match, not killing these teams means u dont have an actual hardcore build (which you do not endy, you are a bm first class playing a healer which is just sad) you are not hardcore you have a fairly cookie cutter but foul classed character. im here to point out the flaw in your comment if you want to win arena you best have the best god damn team comp/win loss/ what ever else that defines what hardcore actually is rather than this bloody childish grinding the q bullcrap you think is hardcore with your brainless build set/team comp that is just another carbon copy of seasons ago, such creativity.

anyway im not really a victim to this although i would of preferred this not to be changed with such little time left in the season. it just makes you all look goofy who ever supported this cause well, your victims im sorry, not sorry. the real hardcore players are not serious and do not care and will not come to forums to whine thats the truth, good laugh. good read thank you all.

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