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Originally Posted by Joanna View Post
I'm well above 2500 so it doesn't concern me.

Yet I would like my hard working friends who Q daily to have their shoot at better tempers

Besides people are very limited by amount of tokens they got so it's not like suddenly everyone tempers their entire gear x8.

This season wasn't in par with others as Glitch said and some changes has been made . I'm only suggest solution that you don't have to like or agree with ; yet others might find it reasonable.

I'm getting paid for good ideas by my company ( marketing , advertising and company image solution)

True , sometimes I post things without thinking some trolls won't like it and will pick on me but its who I am - deal with it !

I'm not breaking any rules posting suggestions in "suggestions"
Section. Yet you do picking on me instead of my idea.
You successfully made a post explaining your own self-importance AND victimized yourself all at once. Congratulations.
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