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Recent Arena Changes
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Default Recent Arena Changes

So first off just want to say, i have no issue with the changes.

I DO have an issue with the time of the changes.

Now i know red and co will spam about how i am wrong and that i just abused it (which other then being a rush team i have not) but they have more then likely been handed first place on a silver platter so.. they are a tad biased ( as some will say I am)

Rush teams have been complained about EVERY single arena season since I started playing nod (~5 years give or take), yet only now (less then 10 days remaining of this arena season) has something been done to address it. If it was changed at the start, or mid season, rush teams would have started earlier BUT going on what previous seasons have set as a precedent they plan to arena once rush is announced.

So how is it that arena (which is "supposedly" meant as hard core competitive) can completely change a core system to the rating gain/loss mechanic. Either arena is suppose to be competitive, where changes are made with ample time for people to readjust (and maybe this is the case here and I'm ass backwards). OR arena is meant to be a grind fest where if you have the time to arena all season and have a decent team you can win with little to no competition.

And before people complain about tsur rejoining teams or w/e went on, locking in teams during rush/limiting joining teams already addressed said tactic/exploit whatever people want to call it. Changing gains/loss's did not need to happen as well at this point through the season.

tl;dr Why change it now when its been an issue in the past and precedent has been set that this is the way it is.
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