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Originally Posted by Peto View Post
In on Server 2 and currently based in Castille. I was figuring to leave it and move up towards Altimus,but before I do that I would like the level 13 bow,arrows and quiver,so I thought I'd sell a extra TC I had to get some extra gold,but it refuses to sell,and I'm limited in what I can charge,as it refuses to let me put it on auction for say 50k,and just quickly sell it,buy what I need and then move on. Is there a better place to sell such things,as I would like that equipment,but I don't want to sit around Castille waiting for it to sell either?
Originally Posted by Soxson View Post
Better off selling stuff in Stronhad. Don't worry too much about leaving castille. You'll come back again when you start doing spruce quests at around level 7ish

Sox is skilled reader.

Also on s2 t1 has nearly as much population as t2 lol.
I'd recommend the 14 quiver not the 13. Will save you money and the 13 isn't any better. Oh. Sorry. 1 more stat point that isn't useful to the build.
For bow and arrow though, yeah the 13 is better.

You can sell a time card for 50k via trading. I don't really recommend it though. Honestly if you were on server 1 that time card would instantly sell at 1.6 million gold, and s1 has plenty of trophies to get you to level 13 archery on this server too. Good luck though either way. It will hopefully sell at the price you got it at. Think on s2 the norm is 300-500k?
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