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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Death is the only thing that could have caused your rested time to go negative.
So let's say I had 15 hours rrt (I'm positive I had more), plus 1 hour rested time. So that is 16 hours, plus negative 2 hours, so call it 18 hours lost. How likely is it that I would still have 14 minutes left on a potion, even if I had just consumed it (had right around 30 minutes remaining). Let's say I'm lvl 60 (actually 56). I would have had to die 18 times, and only used around 15 minutes off the potion, which as I understand would have been running any time my health wasn't full. And then I woke up in town, with full health, and my clan chat had already buried every message about being in combat and dying. All within about an hour and a half at the most. Ya, I guess it is possible. Just sounds pretty unlikely to have all happened that quickly in that manner.

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