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Originally Posted by Karold View Post
Logged in last night (May 31), pretty sure I had around 17 hours of rrt. Sometime after 11pm server time I went afk for a couple hours (i.e. fell asleep). I woke up arount 1am server time to find that not only was I completely out of rest time, it displayed that I had -01:58:59 (or something very close). At the time of posting this, after the morning reset, I sit at -00:51:26. How is it possible that around 19 hours of rest time is taken away?
Any chance something was resting on the keyboard or mouse causing you to step out of town and die to a mob over and over? I've had the dog nudge my mouse onto the trackpad and walk me out of town and into combat.

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You won't be warned again.
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