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I personally am happy with skill window setup but that's mostly cuz I've used it for years.

Support 2% a square and adventuring exp first time you enter a town.

Points of interest is mostly pointless the way you suggested. Low levels would either spend 1-2 days rrt searching zones like scorchedlands or if they wait til out of rrt they search for 1-2 hours to get...100g and some minor exp? If and for caps..even they highest level zones give 5k gold a 2.5k gold from them are nothing. And half adventuring exp...I'll just hit t4-5 once and get better rewards less effort. Only people who would do it are people like me who enjoy the story but we're a minority.

Since we're learning stuff at the points of interest give learning exp instead. This would motivate most to find them

Does palisade affec the grey shields? Idr. But it does affect white gems like damage negation aura and reflection aura justifying it being under life magic.

Explosive shielding feels OP. To be expanded on below.

Wild shielding..the yellow snow of shields. Unlike healing gems tho shields already have aoe shields. So how does this skill apply for them? If it procs the shield is basically just 1.5x. Shared bliss increases this another 25%.then explosive damage bonus shields don't increase so say aoe dd would burst them all and take quite a bit of damage. Say it's 1k shield each. That's 500 exploding damage each. Then damage bonus making this x4-5 damage would be potentially 7.5k damage? Adding in venge shots if enemy is Archer? Wouldn't make much sense if shield only bursts once for 3 aoe shields. What if they break at different times and such.

I support fade away at a lower % not 100%.
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