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Ooh before I forget can you move the life magic skill that boost damage barriers over to psyche magic it seems like a better fit there since damage barriers are greys domain. I think it's called palisade.

Also skill suggestions for psyche magic since there are so few skills involving damage barriers and it's such a niche tool.

Explosive shielding. Gives a 0.5% per point that when your damage barrier is broken it explodes dealing damage equal to half as much health it had before breaking. Fading shields have a chance of exploding every time they fade. They deal physical damage when exploding but only half as often.. (Not testudo)

Wild shielding gives up to a 50% chance to have your casted damage barriers affect your entire team but for 50% The shielding. Only one of wild shielding or fade away can be used at once.

Fade away. When a non fading barrier you cast is struck up to half the damage dealt becomes a fading damage barrier equal.

Say you have wild shielding and you cast a 500 hp barrier on your team. You each receive a shield for 250. A mage or archer hits the whole team for 700 all three shields break you all take 450 the archer takes 375.

Say you have fade away. And you cast a 500 hp shield on yourself. You then take a hit for 400. You gain a fading damage shield for 200 that can potentially explode for 100 damage.
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