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The accounts with offensive names have been banned. No other action will be taken unless more offensive accounts are made. This is the same as we have done previously when fake accounts with mocking names have been made.

It is often difficult to determine when jokes of players are offensive enough to deserve banning. We have gotten into trouble before for squelching characters making seemingly offensive jokes about another's sexual preference in civil chat when it turned out it was a good friend of that person and was not meant with malice.

If you're asking for Nodiatis to become the land whereby political correctness and niceness is enforced with the threat of imprisonment, such as places like Britain where people who tweet slurs actually go to jail, that is not going to happen. In an online game, a PvP game especially, people are going to be mean to each other on occasion. If they cross the invisible line as did this person then they'll be punished, but we'd rather that line be further than closer.
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