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Unusual result from CB while trapping.
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Default Unusual result from CB while trapping.

Out trapping in gob swamp last week or so, I stumbled upon a team of yellows who battered me into the ground. When they forced though, I was in the process of checking traps and something weird happened.

Combat went mostly as usual, but with a trap in the middle of the screen (happens in arena occasionally too, unless that was fixed).

I died.

It was after I died that confused me. I got sent back to town, but my screen didn't show showed this.

After a while, when this showed no signs of clearing, I hit space and got the normal "only after creature combat" message.

Clearly this would be a boring story except for that scorpion tail whip image. I tried to loot that so hard.

So yeah, geef whip or buff BMs or something.

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