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With these new gems, I find it really beneficial to have mre and pre atleast 70+

If not, you will find yourself wasting minutes of rrt recovering your mana after combat (when you cannot drain because the monster is dead)


I run a sharpsteel r2, melee haste r2, and a energy thief. No mana thief rune. I also have over 1k mana, but only 150 energy. I have about 72 pre, and 110 mre. With this build, I never run out of energy due to the energy thief, my mana will drop 200-300 per fight, but with 110 mre, it recovers in roughly 30 seconds, which is about the 1min after fight rrt waste.

What if you dont wait in between fights? I run transdescence runes and mana devamp, but unfortunately you have to draw these gems out. In my experience, having over 1k mana has never been a deterent to using my melee haste gem because i am always howevering around 800-900 mana.
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