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Legendary Armors and Shields
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Default Legendary Armors and Shields

In addition to the 4 legendary armor sets that can be purchased in remote town stores, there are 11 slightly more powerful and far more unique sets. Acquiring these more powerful legendaries requires the skills of crafters, resourcers, and heroic fighters. You do not have to be expert in all these areas to acquire these items if you are willing to pay for the services of those who are.

Quick Guide for Noncrafters:
Buy from another player or off the auction house an essence of armor or essence of shielding associated with the legendary set you want. Granted you will not likely know what set you want until other players start posting their findings, lets say you like the sound of the Hellram set and want a Hellram Chestpiece. You would need to buy a Hellram Armor Essence, have a legendary chestpiece from any other set (bought in distant town stores), and 100 heroic essences (bought from other players, dropped by heroic mobs). You can then combine these 3 items without any skills with an enchanting rod (in this order) to create your Hellram's Chest. Note that the produced piece will retain the tier value of the existing legendary you used to create it.

The following info is for crafters:
First an epic dust of the highest tier must be combined using the enchanting rod (use first slot for dust) with a specific resource of the highest tier. Using cloth will require extreme armorcrafting and create a random armor essence and using scale will create a random shield essence and require extreme woodworking. When legendaries of other types are introduced more resources and crafting/artistry skills will be required - all will eventually be used except enchanting.

There will be 11 types of each of these essences corresponding to a particular legendary set. These essences can be traded freely among players as a means to obtain pieces of a specific legendary set. For instance you may have randomly created a Hellram Armor Essence which you can then sell for a premium to someone who wanted a piece of Hellram armor.

More Info
Heroic essences will have a chance to drop off of heroic creatures of all level, but the lower level creatures will have a far lower chance of these drops. They can be freely traded.

Just like the store bought legendaries, the ones created in this fashion can be uptiered by combining two like pieces with the enchanting rod. Similarly they can also be used to morph into different legendary sets using the same process that created them. Tiers and tempers are never lost during this morphing process, however, enchantments will be. Both enchantments and tempers are lost when uptiering.
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