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As Desmond watched his rescuer finish of the rest of the guards he couldn't help but notice the he had reached for his left side as if going for a sword. So, he's used to carrying a sword then. Not often that you see a spell caster using a sword. After this small observation he searched a couple of the bodies while the rescuer picked a guards sword, finding a few coins and a Spell Gem. Grinning at this, he jogged over to his rescuer who was already leaving.

Of course now the prisoners were in a real riot, cheering, yelling, and of course cursing in joy. Some yelling to be released from this hell hole. "I'm glad you know the way, whoever you are. I would probably be lost by now."


Meanwhile, In the Warden's office

The door burst open with a single guard, "Sir, we've just discovered several men dead!" he shouted with a sense of urgency. Farrel jumped out of his seat, knocking the chair backward and slamming his hand down on the desk. "What!" he shouted in anger. Before anything else could be said another guard charged in, out of breath, the very same guard sent to fetch Desmond Aarhus.

"Sir!" he said in between breaths, "Desmond Aarhus is GONE!". Farrel's eyes widened in surprise, "I went to the cell just as you ordered, with two men." continued the guard. "A guard was found dead outside the cell, with his sword missing! Th...the lock on the door appeared to have just...rusted to pieces! The same with the shackles!"

Farrel began to shake in anger, his face contorting into a snarl. Knocking everything off his desk in a swipe of the arm, he snatched up a battle ax leaning against the wall by his chair in a fluid motion and charged the guard with an insane look in his eyes. The guard had a look of pure terror etched on his face as the ax came down on his head, cleaving through the entire body, and hitting the floor with the sound of metal on wood.

Where the now bloody ax sat there was a large chunk taken from the floor. Farrel's breath heavy in anger he looked at the other guard who was now shaking in fear. "YOU!!" he shouted, causing the man to shake even more. "I want everybody down to the gate. Stop him!! He will not leave this prison! NOW!"

The guard quickly saluted "Yes Sir" before bolting from the room. "At least now there's one less guard that knows about our planned meeting with Desmond.", Albrose said while staring coldly down at the other guards corpse. "Though you should control your temper Farrel."

"Why won't you shut the HELL up!!" Farrel shouted while pointed his ax at Albrose

"There's your temper again Warden. One of these days it just might get you killed." Albrose said with a hint of a threat. "I know even one such as yourself knows how much of a mistake it is to point something like that at me."

Albrose then turned his back to Farrel, whispering to himself "That council certainly acted quickly. I expected as much. I guess this contingency plan was unneeded." His eyes momentarily glowed white from within his hood. "Its time my Wraith"

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