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Smile Nodiatis Streams

Yo. So my idea was making a sticky thread where links to some Nodiatis streamers channels would be available. This would be a way of advertising Nodiatis, and this way we could increase the amount of new people trying the game, thusfore having the potencial to increase and/or improve our community (which most of us consider one of the best "features" of the game). There could also be a feature to access those links in-game, and many other add-ons/possibilities to consider around this.

I set up a testing stream, took me about one hour, and i could post a basic guide in here, but i am pretty sure someone more qualified than me can do it better.

The program i am using to stream is called Open Broadcast Software, and the link to my channel is the following:

Thank you for your time, and i believe that Nodiatis Streaming has the potencial to bring new players and make the current ones experience more fulfilling .
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