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(Yay someon's alive ^>^ Somehow I had a Tom and jerry moment at the beginning there Ehl is that bad envisioning Spike being the speaker for the boys?)

"Aye, sir." He did not want to speak his mind in front of those around him, but what he did want to ask is 'When did I become the lessor?' Instead he followed motioning the archers to follow.
Jacuel took another pass above the town as the sky grew dark. He grumbled to himself as he felt the uneasiness of having a rival male so close yet he knew that this one would cheat at any of the traditional battles by air. The only way he could think of that he could cheat with was pulling out the broadsword he claimed from a slave trafficker a few decades back.
With a sigh, the white dragon glided silently down next to the fur cart and dug to the bottom of the hidden weapon cache. He pulled out a heavy silver and gold blade that had enough mass to crush a wooden table should it was laid on one. The cart, he grinned with rememberance, was blessed by elves and made by darves. Nothing could truly destory the craft lest it be time. He slung the leather sheath over his shoulder and work his wing under the strap. The blade sat soundly within its home and awaited the feast that shall come.

"Bal-laast unt ha'atiar." The dragon muttered as he stretched his clawed paw bhind him to grab the hilt. Deathbringer hast cometh That was all he could think of as he closed his eyes and let a single tear roll down his scales. No dragon, by right, should use a weapon of man, but he was no longer a true dragon neither so he was fully conflicted about keeping the old ways...
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