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By level 65, be using the level 64 (if you cannot afford 67) armor.
By level 72, 67 should still be holding you over, or 72.
By level 79, if the 67 has become inadequate, if you have a wallet on your hands, 78 or 75 will do you right.
Area you should be in at lvl 79: S Lake Halycon
Boss you should be able to solo: Ghastly Jellyfish
Enchantments to aim for: same as before. NOTE: Heavily draining your physical stamina is not reccomended, as energy based healing gems will come in handy against bosses to be used before gaias.

Level Cap.
Final Stats Distribution at this point: at this point, you will no longer need recovery. Transcendence and wisp lift, not to mention with your regeneration skills should be fair enough for you to regenerate your mana and energy.
What Skills you should now focus on for your build:
Vampires yield health even from pet based attacks, making skills that increase pet damage (and your petmanship skill) worth your time.
Suiting is a must.
Continue to increase your weapon discipline's level.
Increase sorcery for resistance, and white and green magic for healing gems/auras.
Guide to De-lvling:

To delevel a skill, you MUST have not redistributed a skill.
When you delevel a skill, the points you assigned to each skill are destroyed. For example: if you placed 3 points in PRe (a recovery stat), and then deleveled the skill, those 3 points would be lost.
You can regain that level by simply defeating a monster that yields exp, as deleveling reduces your level to 1 xp before a level up.
What do I do if I've redistributed my stats?
You must summon the redistribution screen again, at a price of course. After the screen is summoned, click the X button in the upper right hand corner to send the screen away, now you may delevel your selected skill.
How do I get the rest of my points back after deleveling?
Log out, then in. The stat distribution screen should open again.
Now that the instructions are out of the way:
At this point you want to DRAIN recovery to 1 and place it your defense and magic, which are likely unenchanted up to this point.
In MAGIC, aim for purely MSt with a hint of concentration, for use of detrimental auras and DoT gems (as filler instead of escapes). In defense, allocate remaining points to durability. This is the only exception to the building of one's defence.

Enchantments to aim for: strength and dexterity(if a slasher) at the cost of INt and concentration, or physical stamina if you use white healing gems less frequently.

New skills:
Death blow: 75 by 80.
Improved Bash: of no use.
Life Magic:
Holy Clutch: 35 min by 80. negliable skill, as has little effect.
Death Magic:
Improved Rupture: of no use whatsoever.
Psych magic:
tunnel vision: of no use.
Beast Mastery:
Sense Fear: 75 by 80

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