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Already changed stuff -

Cudgel of Cursed Blood - The whole concept of this just isn't that great. Damage when blocked sounds like a nice thing... but the people you're going to be using this against are either A) a regener and 2000 damage is nothing or B) have a healer where 2000 damage doesn't do anything. C) Will just take off the shield once they notice you have this weapon on. You tend to just be better off using either a kraken, or a Cudgel of solar Fury or even a cudgel of unmoving because they are more reliable or offer more useful procs.

Hammer of Unity - Just really not a very useful item when the dreadskull provides both parry and block as well as dazes... also the ability to ignore AC. The mitigation is a tiny increase when you're already running a tank setup.

All whips besides Helkok and Angel Hair Whip - They just aren't really viable choices when you do not gain haste from the whip.

Not changed stuff -

Aliangel Arms and Legs - Hellram armor is a much better choice since you actually gain a benefit from the proc. The heals are too small.

Heaven and Hell Arrow - Rangers revenge, fateseal, degen arrow all have far more prolific and common uses than the 2% vamp you gain from this.

Tinged Tip Arrow - ^

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