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Originally Posted by Huggles View Post
Boon's execution was a mistake. SB trophies should've just given 3x exp for all skills except epic skills. No need to drop 3x the trophies and make moving them annoying. Changing it now might be unfair considering so many people have used boon to cap their epic skills, whereas those who have not rerolled (including me) have had to work 3x as hard, but it still might be the right thing to do.
Omg yes please. As a booner, I would love for SB trophies to give 3x xp instead of getting 3x trophies at normal xp. Fights in 110+ zones give like a page of trophies, esp when grouped with toons who's trophs I am also looting. Looting them all is an inventory, storage and encumberance nightmare.
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