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This ---v
Originally Posted by Enduir View Post
Palehorserider was bant for townwalking bot, which while it is still cheating isn't as bad as farming/arena botting.

This ---v
Originally Posted by Dino View Post
Pale (Elijah or something like that). yes he was banned on s1 before on at least 2 toons.

He is a botter but either careful or immune to ban due trade off or amount of tc he is buying.

Originally Posted by Sadoul View Post
um should know all facts before spewing. Kain and i talk on the phone alot. he bought the macro from one of the guys who made it for like 10-25 tc he in turn to save his own character from berm ban gave glitch the info about the macro, well now glitch has the info and kain does not have the toon back, further more glitch has the macro info and can test for it which is why others been bant since its so east to get caught
^-- Dude if u knew the guy u gave my toon to sit was botter and u still gave him than you suck and me and you are going to have problem from now on i am still being nice to u even tho you are the main reason why i got into this mess which i had no clue about

Originally Posted by hypocrite View Post
Trojan. Isn't the assumption of cheating (botting) you are claiming here very similar to you sharing your toon and having others grind for you while reaping the rewards of their hard work.

Instead of a piece of software doing the work; others do the work.
^-- well are u trying to defend botters by saying there is x and y toon sharing so let us bot ? Lol and also if u dislike toon sharers make a thread and report them atm there is 60-80% of nod toon sharing because nod takes alot of rl time and sometimes some of us are busy with our lifes but again yes toon sharing is kinda rule breaking and again you can go and report it but you can not defend botters with this argument...

and also yes maybe if u say so kaineth knew about botting and he let u continue it than he deserve the ban but others dont alot of the peoples didnt knew u guys were botting u guys used their toons to feed yourself/increase your own crafting skills
good or bad whatever i am i am .....not going to change and not going to pretend <3 and i will never be intimidated by anyone ever !!!

be careful of those alpha nerds !!!

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