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Crafting eludes everyone for quite a while in Nod. It's expensive, time consuming, and really only worth the effort at higher levels. For example, crafting the patchwork silk armor pieces (the tier 3 stuff in Castille) would mean that you need 3 points in armorcrafting, an arm and leg form for the sleeves and leggings, and points in whatever resourcing skills are needed to get the supplies. Then you buy a quantity of resins since every item requires those--after being able to travel to whichever town sells the needed resins. Oh, and you'll also need a master recipe from which to make consumable recipes for each piece, and to get that you need to dismantle one of the pieces of armor you are trying to make. Yes, you have to have an item and break it in order to make that item.

Long explanation short, there is a reason why no one crafts anything equipment-wise that isn't epic or better. If it can be bought in a store, it's infinitely cheaper to do so. As a low level crafter you're better off taking TJ's advice. Work on building up your resourcing skills (and your level of course). As you reach new towns you'll find more tools and therefore more options, and if you're paid you can sell tier 1 resources regularly since they are part of high level gear recipes.

As far as classes go, being a craftsman actually has nothing at all to do with your ability to craft anything. It simply allows you to gain XP in the needed crafting skills slightly faster. Any class can choose to pursue any character build; some are preferred only because they provide bonuses that help out. Beastmasters nearly always become whippers with pets because BMs get such a nice bonus to pet damage and heals, but they're not required to do so.

Above all don't be afraid to ask questions. There are a few @$$heads in chat now and again, but someone will usually always give you a proper answer. Thomas Jordan goes out of his way to give advice. I may not pop up all that often but I do my best to help out too, and there are plenty of others. Nod can be tricky to get into at first but it's a good drug to get hooked on.
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