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Originally Posted by Syn View Post
well, that kinda puts the whole "Craftsman" class at a bit of a disadvantage, no? guess it's a good thing I decided not to jump right in on that, even though according to that little "test" that is the class best suited to my preferred playstyle. have to admit, though I'm an engineer IRL, I'm partial to magic when it comes to gaming so that "test" is questionable.

yeah, sorry. guess I'm still just a little frustrated, but I appreciate the offer. I usually ask for help in-game only as a last resort. I prefer to exhaust all other avenues first, meaning FAQs and game guides. what can I say? I'm an independant person.

I haven't even touched enchanting yet, but decided to give it another go. I kinda liked my Archer, but what's one more reroll? I shyed away from the magic classes due to all the diversity until I got a handle on what skills did what in-game.

appreciate your feedback, but you have to admit it makes very little sense to play a Warrior using magic when you're initially gimped for -20% magic experience or whatever. that's like giving up 1/5 of your total experiance on the skills you rely on the most.

pretty significant gimp to advancement so I don't see myself trying out some of those combos you mentioned. I'll just keep tinkering until I find the right "fit" for my playstyle. oh, and in-game character is the same as here. "Syn"
That only affects the exp you get, not the proficiency you will be in it. If you want to be a caster that has high staff damage in addition to gems a warrior would allow for higher hits. And in the long run a bit more fighting to get the skill levels might be worth it.

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