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this is how nod came to life ..
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Default this is how nod came to life ..

Originally Posted by yes4me View Post
Better know now than never.

Does the "2 handed" skill help bow?

If you are a ranger, what does strength do to the bow damage? If it increase the minimum and max damage, is it better to put all in strength and nothing in "class enhancement"?
when you level meele ..put into Dex ..Dex helps you miss less as an archery user... if you want max damage to be increased put points into INT when you level up the stat named Magic.. INT is max damage for bow and CNC is arrow hard you hit also.. i this..Put on my armor and bowset INT enchants and put points into CNC when i lvl magic up. When lvling def go 2points into dur and 1 into agi...then next time u lvl def put 2 points into dur and one into CNT... or put 2 pts into agi and 1 into CNT
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