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Idea by Qtpie
Originally Posted by Qtpie View Post
I was just discussing with a few clan mates over the idea of players posting gold bounties for PKs to claim. With the bounty system, players would be able to enter an amount of gold (minimum of 5k or a decent amount) on a player's head + tax. When a PK kills that person, the gold will instantly be added to the PKs account (in addition to the normal single stack loot).

Alts would be blocked from receiving the reward of the bounties (much as clan battles and self PKs are blocked). N's should also be prevented from receiving any bounty, either grouped or otherwise.

The most feasible way to make a bounty list is to add it similarly to the Tops List where people can check the boards to see what the current highest running total is. It's a lot of programming but would add another factor of fun and depth for peer to peer interaction.

Bounties should have a minimum of 5 or 10k or have a low minimum with no announcements to avoid spam trolls. However, with a high minimum, bounties could be announced publicly but the individual should be announced anonymously. It might be fun to add a chat option where players can have their names spoken if they choose to at the risk of bringing infamy to themselves (although the default should be anonymous).

This would promote:
1. More PKs
2. Ways for people to get revenge without risking too much
3. Mitigate boredom
4. Lower the inflation in the economy due to tax

It is reasonable to assume that the people with the highest bounties will be the most annoying trolls or incredibly powerful players in Nod. Incentives for incredibly large bounties should possibly allow the taking of more than 1 stack in an exponential fashion (100k bounty for 2 stacks, 400k for 3 stacks, 1 million for 4 stacks, 2.5million gold for a soulbound item + 5 stacks from the bounty board). Again, self PKs should be blocked to avoid exploitation. PKs could potentially post their own bounties targets they would like to "rob" so to speak. But the larger risk still lies with the PKs hunting and avoiding targets because they will lose everything if they die. A new system of bait and switch strategies will probably be implemented adding a whole new depth to PvP gameplay (besides arena). I hope you will consider all these ideas and incorporate it into one fair system in the near future.


Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
If they put a nice icon on you it's beneficial if they put a mean one on the other guy it's detrimental.
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
The player was banned for using an exploit repeatedly without reporting it. There's only 1 proper way to profit off an exploit: report it.
Originally Posted by Huggles View Post
Old Delay/(1+haste%) = New Delay

For slow effects, use the slow % but as a negative.

Just repeat for multiple effects.

DO NOT multiply by 1+slow% to get your new delay. 1*1.4 is not the same as 1/0.6 and your answer will be wrong.
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