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Well this is going completely off topic but ok here goes:

I took a few psych classes in college. Wasn't my major. Just a side thing as an interest. One of the experiments that came up that I remember was this:

They had a group of 3 people stand in an elevator. When a new person (the subject who did not know about the experiment) walked into the elevator and the elevator doors closed these 3 people turned to face the rear of the elevator. At some point the subject turned to face the rear of the elevator as well (in all of the trials). In some of the trials they had the 3 experimenters change direction at set intervals. The subject changed direction with them (literally spinning around).

What this experiment shows is that there is a strong desire to fit into the social collective.

Add to that the issue of authority. People will follow those who'm they view as authority figures. I remember another experiment:

They basically had a person who was running the experiment and an actor. The subject (who didn't know about the setup) was supposed to quiz the actor and punish him with increasingly higher voltage electric shocks every time the actor got the question incorrect. The actor wasn't really being electrocuted; he was just acting. The majority of the people who came in administered what would have been lethal doses of electric shocks to the actor because the experimenter was viewed as an authority figure whose instructions could not be disobeyed. (pretty famous experiment; I'm sure you could google this one easily).

What this means in Nodiatis

Once enough people start naysaying an idea, chances are much higher that the next person who is going to respond will also respond negatively to the idea. The chances that this next person will respond negatively are even higher if the original naysayer is a higher lvl player (authority figure) who has been around for a while and knows what is going on. [I can't tell you the number of times I have heard a high lvl player say a completely incorrect thing, and then when I have tried to correct it with one of my mid or low lvl characters I have met with disbelief and contempt. People think that the lvl 80 must be right simply because he is lvl 80]

It is not necessarily visible all the time. But this kind of thing does go on. In many cases one or two negative posts can channel the thread in an entirely negative direction.

Originally Posted by thatperson View Post
tbh a few people have never seemed to trigger the masses on these forums to me...seems like in every thread i read (for the most part) there is someone for it and someone against it rarely and usually only unless its a very good idea or very bad idea do the people in the thread agree
I am saying that your perception about whether it is a good idea or a bad idea is itself influenced by the responses. If enough people start saying that something is a bad idea, the number of people that are for it will dwindle into non-existence because the new comer's perspective will be shaped by the negative comments of the several original posters (lets say 3 original negative posts like the 3 people in the first experiment).

This is basically what I meant. Sorry to hijack the thread. Back to topic now.

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