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Saving inventory space when resourcing
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Default Saving inventory space when resourcing

Ok so I didn't see this posted anywhere so please tell me if it is posted elsewhere.

Here's the situation. I have lvl 8 foraging, and was killing mobs in plains in order to obtain berries tiers 1-3. Pretty straight forward. So I get a few stacks of 25 (my item stacking is 20 atm), and find another elderberry(tier 1 if you don't know ur berries or have never gotten one from Abel), so it goes in my last inventory space. My storage happens to be full as well, so no more room. I kill another mob, and try to forage again, it tells me not to resource when inventory is full as expected.
So I have my enchanting rod in my inventory, so I decide to see what happens when I place the single elderberry in the top right corner, hoping to downgrade it or destroy it, but neither of those happen. What happens, is that elderberry(since downgrading failed of course) was placed on top of a stack of 25, creating a stack of 26 in my inventory, above my item stacking limit. Not really an exploit, but a bug that atm is beneficial to those ppl who go resourcing and get too many lvl 1 berries(or possibly other resources). This also works when inventory is NOT full.

Yes afterward I had to split the stack back to 25/1 before being able to use expected.

Dunno if this is intended or not, I can post screenies if need be.

Edit: I have checked hides from animals, and they do NOT go over the at first thought, this seems to be simply a foraging bug. I plan on checking others tomorrow to double check. BTW, I now have a stack of 100 lvl 19

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