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New rune type
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Default New rune type

Double-edged sword of a suggestion, imho, but here goes.

Rune would vamp both mana and energy (at half the rate of current manergy vamp runes, obviously) and essentially give you the same amount of mana OR energy you would get from a single vamp.

For "mana dualvamp" it would only buffer your mana well. For "energy dualvamp" it would only buffer your energy well. But in either case, it would take from both wells on a mob.

+ Drains both wells simultaneously (at half rate) while filling your chosen at the usual rate so makes mob wells last longer (for those who are limited), allowing you to use more powerful gems longer.

- Since it vamps at half the regular rate, and equivalently between them, mobs are likely to continue using all status gems, including late-fight apocs, which can really mess up a player counting on being able to prevent this happenstance.

I could see it having a higher dom/ter requirement and cost more RP to activate since it's more benefit than penalty.

This only refers to Vamping runes, not drains. DoT casters are already too OP.

As always, I welcome any and all feedback.
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