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Originally Posted by Holyspirit View Post
We could fuse/merge/combine items with same class.

2. This one is more of a gamble/gold sink:

Forge 2 weapons and receive forged weapon with :

Min dmg = random value between values of min dmg of both weapons.

Max dmg = same thing: random number between values of max dmg's of both weapons.

New weapon would have both procs at value between 0 and 100% .

Technically it will be 4 RNGs involved while creating fused/forged weapon with various outcome .

You can get good procs but lower dps or better dps but close to no procs .

It's complex but it would open true variety of builds which I believe nod needs.


Same goes for speed . So 5 RNGs .
you don't need both procs to be 100%. to far outstrip another weapon. say you get both procs at 75%. that is massive. aside from kok what legendary can boast the ability to gain a 75% proc increase by t9? we got crap like talon bow that increases 2.5% a tier. guess what. at t9? that is a 20% proc increase. now let's take and give it 75% of a thraki proc. that. at t1. is far more op than the t9 counterpart. you will lose on some tries. yes. but do you think you'll spend more than 256 t1 bows that it'd take for t9? I don't. as for "you can get procs but have crappy dps" again it depends on if you use the item for the proc. or for the dps. every melee toon in the game has thraki equipped. does thraki affect their dps? no. only the proc does. every dcer in the game has melee weapons equipped. does that effect their dps? no. only the proc does.

Originally Posted by Holyspirit View Post
Every time you "brick" it you loosing 2 weapons equal to T2.

It would take roughly 16 tries in average depending on luck to get decent roll that might be better than t6 you would get without gamble.

Yes you can get procs but have crappy dps .

It would be nice if you could provide some math that proves such weapon could be broken .

Note that rolling rpg dices 5 times in a row and get 100 everytime is like 1 : 10 000 000 000.

If you Fuze 2 billion t1 weapons you migh get it.

But if you play with t9's there is potential waste of 1 trillion lgs .
Go ahead and try it.

In reality dps will be in average little less than t2 would give you . You just gambling with procs .

Which 2 weapons would be op if fused and get average 50% of each procs ?

Edit: Fusing 2 exact same weapon will always lead to weaker outcome. I think you may not understand it completely.
just another typical broken Joanna suggestion~

and I understand the stupidity fully. but you can have 2 1hed melee weapons. if you fuse them. that's a total of 4 melee weapons with various effects buffing you simultaneously. which is easily potentially stronger than a normal t9 lg.

won't bother to respond beyond this. glitch isn't dumb enough to think this is a good idea.~
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