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Hi, I'm new here so maybe my input isn't going to mean much but... some core things that we use constantly could use some work in my opinion. I'll list a few things and leave it at that since I am not sure what the rest of the stuff on your list means right now

1) Grabbing stacks off of larger stacks- would be nice if you shift click/double click a larger stack and it automatically grabs as much as your skill will allow you to grab at once. I've received some gifts and sat for a long while splitting ~10 105 stacks into a ton of 10 stacks just to toss them into altars 10 by 10...
Edit: 1 A) Faster and more efficient looting after battles. Pressing Loot will automatically transfer items to your inventory, stacking them instead of leaving them all individually placed. The option to loot all actually takes more time to use than manually dragging each one over to an existing stack.

2) Feeding trophies into altars and such could use the same treatment. Something like R click the item when near an altar and then choose the amount you want to feed (Sacrifice X amount->input the amount->press enter). This would save so much time for literally everyone. It could grab from storage and inventory, feeding in batch amounts equal to the players' stack skill limit until the desired portion has been consumed. If the player leaves the area the process stops, returning whatever is left to storage/inv.

3) Few more interface options like increasing text/text box size or the actual client size. On my PC I am zoomed in 150% to fit the game on my screen so I can read things clearly. Also, I am not sure if there's a way to show player names in chat but it would help since i have colors disabled. It's not easy to read things in this game most times for a number of reasons :\ .

Lastly I have a question... is there a way to see what my skills currently give at their levels? Like I could hover over the skillbar and see exactly what my skill is doing for me at whatever level it's sitting at. If this is already possible I have no idea how to find it.

That's all I can think of for now, thanks for reading ^^! Love the game and the community is fantastic as well ♥

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